A Next Next Step

Sometimes things don't happen as intended.  When I wrote the post titled A Next Step, I included a bit about what's happening regarding my path and life in October.   My phone had a hiccup, putting the post into draft mode. I didn't realize when I reposted it that I'd lost a fair chunk of the... Continue Reading →


Remembering Their Sorrows

Tucking this post under a content warning, as it centers largely on family dysfunctionality (nothing graphic, but I recognize that the subject may be uncomfortable and potentially triggering for some). After a week of record-breaking hot weather, fall finally arrived this past weekend. While the weather is cooler, there is an uncomfortable edge to the... Continue Reading →

A Next Step

What comes next? Those three words are a mantra of sorts. I am a person who is constantly scanning the horizon, anticipating the next two, three, four steps. That is, I was that person. For the last few months, I have been staring at my feet, wondering how I managed to get my shoes on... Continue Reading →

Words Gone, Self Lost

During the last few years, I've been periodically absent from places and activities due to being overwhelmed and needing to spend time refocusing and healing. My absence during the last few months  has been a very different and terrifying creature. In the few years since the diagnosis of the Very Serious Illness, I've experienced a... Continue Reading →

Shadows on the Moon

This is the season of quiet introspection, during which evenings are usually spent with my nose buried in a book or working on my own writing.  Instead of curling up with a cat on my lap and a book in my hand tonight, I'll venture out into the biting cold to watch the lunar eclipse.... Continue Reading →

More than the Sum of Our Parts

Winter has reared its head again and cast a web of shimmering ice and snow over a large swath of the States.  Days like today are referred to as soup days in my household.  When it's too dreary and cold to venture beyond the front door, I pull out either the slow cooker or dutch... Continue Reading →

Rise and Shine

I sat down to type this post on the winter Solstice, but as seems to happen far too often, I was sidetracked by other things. So, to begin, very belated Solstice blessings to those who celebrate. For the winter season, I'm focusing on a theme of Rise and Shine.  There is the very literal interpretation... Continue Reading →

Storms and Stings

Ah, summer in the south.... I sat down at my desk this afternoon with a mind to write about summer things - flowers, green grass, blue skies. A quote from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass would have likely insinuated itself somewhere on the page or at the very least, a mention of Dylan's "The Force... Continue Reading →

Chip on Their Shoulder

Warm vanilla and sugar.  Those comforting scents permeate every room of my home right now, making the entire place smell like a bakery.  If I threw some ground coffee into the percolator, the resulting sense memory would take me straight to my grandmother's kitchen, circa 1977, complete with the memory of a terribly patterned linoleum... Continue Reading →

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