What We Raise & Raze

Photo by Ficky on Pexels.com Content note: What follows is a bit of a rambling post that is mostly about ancestor reverence framed within the context of a national legacy of racism and bigotry. Ideas rarely come to me wholly formed and complete. My writing, particularly my non-fiction, often springs from related, repeating themes. When... Continue Reading →

Faster Than Sound

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com Welcome summer, season of light, fire, heat, and under normal circumstances, travel. While some are venturing out, I am staying mostly at home for the duration of the pandemic. Armchair travel is the theme of this unusual summer and much of my planned reading and screen time for the... Continue Reading →

Forward Through Fear

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com (What follows contains references to acrophobia) I'd intended to follow up on my Solstice post this week, but a conversation on the Cauldron forums as me thinking about fear as it relates to our spiritual paths. The thread, Phobias and Paganism, centers on the question of how to deal... Continue Reading →

Solstice Sunrise

6:10 AM - Early Light Dawn, Solstice morning. I sit perched on a low stone wall, the land falling away below my feet to reveal the shifting mists nestled in the valleys below. I have come here to this mountain side, unsure what to expect of the morning, unclear about what I need of this... Continue Reading →

The Stars We Steer By

There's no denying that 2020 has been an extraordinary year so far. As the days lengthen with the approach of Midsummer, our patience and nerves stretch too. COVID-19, the floundering economy, and the injustices of systemic racism leave their mark on our world, our hearts, and our minds. Many of us are struggling to navigate... Continue Reading →

Rivulets of Thought

  A happy belated New Year! The earth has again danced her way round the closest star and the Gregorian calendar has given us a new year.  The official celebrations mark the end of my own new year's observations.  If you're a returning reader, it won't come as a surprise that my spiritual new year... Continue Reading →

Secure Your Own Mask First

I recently had the opportunity to host a small gathering of people who are juggling hectic lives, full-time jobs, and the challenge of being the caretaker for one or more other beings.  The recipients of these individual's love and attention range from aging parents to foster children to severely autistic adults to special needs animals.... Continue Reading →

The Longest Night

For residents of the Northern Hemisphere, last night marked the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  Last night's sunset was difficult to observe, thanks to thickly overcast skies.  Winter is beginning, not with ice and snow, but with the threat of cool, flooding rains. The weather, like so much during the past year,... Continue Reading →

Paved with Good Intentions

When I sat down this evening, I had planned to write about reframing my Thanksgiving holiday celebrations to focus on the aspects of harvest and shared abundance. Thanks to the internet, I'm putting aside that post in favor of something entirely different. (CW: What follows touches on mental health issues and self-love/self-loathing). As is my... Continue Reading →

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