About the Mists

“There exists, in a dark wood, a path previously untrod and shrouded in the grey mists that divide worlds. Here, glimpses into the tenebrous shadows can reveal hidden truths or horrific tribulations. No map documents this route, no book gives it name, no guide leads the way. It is on that path and in those grey mists that I walk.”

The above quote appeared in a prominent position on the front of the original incarnation of my blog.  I realized after moving the blog its current site, I’d lost this little tidbit and in doing so, perhaps had also lost a succinct explanation of the blog and my path.

The Mists are a place of transition, a threshold between the known and unknown, between physical and spiritual existence, between human and pure divinity.  It is in these in-between places that spiritual exploration and growth occurs.  In traveling through the Mists, we catch only glimpses of  that which we seek and often find our path entirely obscured.  Like anything worthwhile, navigating the Mists requires patience and courage.

About Me

I’ll spare you from reading a lengthy and irrelevant biography by sticking to only what’s pertinent to my life as a spiritual being, seeker, and path forger.

I began my spiritual life in a Christian household and come from a family of lapsed Lutherans, Catholics, and Baptists.  By the time I’d hit my teenage years, I knew that a Christian path wasn’t for me.  I’d had experiences that I couldn’t reconcile with the Christian teachings as I knew them.  In the churches that I attended as youth, good Christians didn’t speak to mythological gods in their dreams. Nor did they speak to the dead in their waking hours.  Nor did they feel closest to the divine sitting under a night sky or swimming in a river- that closeness was to be reserved for singing hymnals and praying in Sunday service.  While there were aspects of Christian faith that appealed to me (and still do), I felt like an outsider within that faith, never quit fitting in or experiencing it on a meaningful level.

My teenage years consisted of a lot of spiritual wandering.  My searching for an established religion during those years created the foundation for my future path as an eclectic pagan.  In my seeking, I explored a variety of beliefs – Wicca, Buddhism, Celtic reconstruction, Voodoo, skeptical agnosticism, Native American beliefs, Hinduism, and so on.  None of these felt right on their own, even though elements of them resonated with me.  At the time that I was researching, there weren’t many resources for someone who was starting on an eclectic path.

In college, I was fortunate enough to have someone thrown in my path who had successfully navigated the same spiritual labyrinths I was traveling and come out the other side with an integrated eclectic practice.  At the same time, I came to realize that the guiding voice that had been present my entire life belonged to a specific deity and that she had always been an important influence.  With the help of my friend and mentor, I set upon the journey of creating an integrated eclectic practice.  Many years later, I am still on that journey, forging my own spiritual path.

Here Be Dragons (and Copyrights!)

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