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Life has been pulling me in a lot of different directions this month. November tends to be a busy month for me and this year has been no exception.  Since no one thing is taking center stage at the moment, I’m going stick with some short updates and progress reports this week.

  • The Talking Dead – The dearly departed usually tend to quiet down as November progresses, but this year there have been more than the usual reminders and nudges from two of my beloved dead.  I’m still working out what’s going on and  suspect that I’ll have more to say about it later.
  • The Ghost of Music Past – Related to the above, I found a box last weekend that contained several cassettes from my college days.    I’m rediscovering some long-forgotten music, which is always fun, but I’m also spending more time than is healthy thinking about lost friends. Of the six of us who spent a lot of time together during my last couple years of school, I am the only one still in possession of a pulse.  Like all things that stir up strong memories of the dead, I need to find the space to take a step back and decide if there’s any significance to finding that box or if a mixtape is just a mixtape.
  • Baggage in Need of Unpacking – I finally watched the Good Omens miniseries over the weekend.  I won’t give a review, because no one wants to hear me gushing like a crazed fangirl (Gaiman, Pratchett, and Tennant, oh my!) . So why bring it up?  Watching the series brought up a reaction that I had when I first read the book – a strong sense of familiarity and connection to one of the characters.   I haven’t had the time or inclination to unpack it and get to the bottom of those feelings but may try to work my way through it this winter.
  • Watching my Language – I’m still working my way through some basic Irish language lessons and can say and write several utterly useless phrases like “Is eilifintí muid” (we are elephants).  In spite of the absurdity of the practice sentences, learning is coming along well.  The sentence structure is challenging (verb- subject-object), but I’m slowly adjusting to it.  That is to say, I have stopped mentally translating “Itheann na páistí” (the children eat) as “Eat the children”. Sigh.
  • I would write 500 words and I would write 500 more – My promise to write every day has been a success so far this season.  Against all reason, I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year.  On November first, I launched into the challenge with no plan other than to write the story of the parents of last year’s protagonist as an exercise in world-building. As of today, I’m rapidly approaching the 45,000-word mark with much of the story still left to tell.  Since I’d set a ‘realistic’ goal of 25,000 words for this year’s project, I’m delighted with my progress.
  • Hoarsing Around– The vocal work is on hold due to a sore throat and some vocal chord irritation. Hoping to pick it up again after the first of the year.

That’s thoroughly enough for one post. NaNo is calling and I must go.



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