Shadows on the Moon

lunar eclipse
Photo by Johannes Plenio on

This is the season of quiet introspection, during which evenings are usually spent with my nose buried in a book or working on my own writing.  Instead of curling up with a cat on my lap and a book in my hand tonight, I’ll venture out into the biting cold to watch the lunar eclipse. My hat, gloves, and boots are already waiting near the front door and a thermos waits on the counter to be filled with hot tea.  A bit later, I’ll climb to the highest point in my neighborhood and watch as the the shadow of the earth passes over the face of the moon.

Tonight’s eclipse provides an opportunity to examine the shadows that we stand in, what things throw shade across our faces and darken our own luminescence, as the earth’s shadow tarnishes the silvery orb above our heads? More importantly, are we transitioning out of these shadows or will we remain in the darkness cast on us?  These questions seem to carry more than their usual weight as I contemplate the evening news – border walls and government shutdowns cast deep, dark and disturbing shadows indeed.

While there is a heaviness to this evening, there is also hope and renewal.  The earth’s shadow will not linger long on the moon’s shining face.   During the eclipse, take the opportunity to  recognize the shadows in your own life, give them name, and let them cast their darkest shade over you.  As the eclipse ends, the shadows will be fade, both from the moon and your heart. Carry away only the lessons they have taught as you return the comforting warmth and light of home.  Be well, friends, and may the light always return to your lives.



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