On Second Thought

After my first full night’s sleep in several days, I have decided to take down my last post.  It didn’t come out quite the way I’d intended.  My original purpose in writing it was to talk about finding oneself suddenly thrown into a unexpected working partnership with another practitioner.  What came out instead had more whinge than substance.  The focus ended up being on the awful events of the week, which really is not what I set out to do.  In my rambling, I unintentionally put a spotlight on someone else’s pain in a way that caused more hurt, for which I am sincerely sorry.

I do plan to revisit my original idea for the post, but want to do so in more thoughtful way. It might be best to approach this retrospectively, after I have we have a better idea of the shape of this working partnership.  Right now, there are more urgent matters that need attention than speculation about intersecting paths and shared work. The focus now needs to be burying the dead, mourning for what is lost, and caring for those who still live. Everything else will wait.


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