Fan Mail

My last post generated a bit of hate mail, most of which has been laughable.  By far the most entertaining was the note that accused me of being a “wicked witch” who uses my “friends on the other side” to corrupt “poor unfortunate souls.”  As much as I’d like to reply to that correspondence, I’m far too busy trying to keep  up with Disney sing-along to bother with such trivialities.

Oh sorry, is my snark showing?

The rest of the mail seemed to be from disgruntled self-proclaimed paranormal investigators who took umbrage with my flippant (or is that flipping off?) behavior toward one of their own.  I’m not going to take the time to answer those individually, but will address some of the more salient points here.If conclusion-jumping were an Olympic sport, you all would be gold medal contenders.  I never said that I had a problem with paranormal investigators on the whole.  Nowhere in this blog have I made that statement.  Nor have I been dismissive of the field as a whole.  Nor was my response to the guys at the cemetery “completely unprovoked”.  What you have failed to grasp is that what  I posted was an anecdote, not the full story.  It would have taken away from the humor if I’d given the full tale. The short version of what happened: The cemetery is on private land with no trespassing signs clearly posted. Unless you have the combination for the lock on the gate, the only way in is over a barbed wire fence. The investigator and his buddy did not have permission to be on the property.  When I asked them respectfully to leave, they decided that an appropriate response was “Fuck off, bitch.”  So, yes, they were given the bird and a few choice words to go with it.  When the property owner (a sweet lady in her 80’s) showed up, they gave her the same treatment, first trying to get her to play along with their game of provoking the dead and then calling her names when she refused.  In the end, the investigator and his buddy were escorted off the property in handcuffs by a sheriff’s deputy.  See, told you it wasn’t so humorous in its full telling.
Rather going with a knee-jerk reaction when you think one of your own has been slighted, you might want to consider who’s side you’re actually taking.  The guy you were so quick to defend is giving you all a bad reputation.  Do you really want to be associated with someone who has no respect for anyone else and believes that calling himself a paranormal investigator gives him the right to do whatever he pleases, including breaking the law?
That just about covers this week’s fan mail.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to the Disney sing-along now.


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