Ritual Calendar – May (Belated)

Catching up on the ritual calendar posts hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped, as life finds other ways to keep me busy.   May and November are both abridged rituals, as they both follow on the heels of major rituals the month before.  There is not a longer version to either of these, as I’m often still processing the previous month’s working when these roll around.

May Ritual – Releasing the Muse

  • Any time in May.


  • Creativity
  • Encouraging creativity and the fruition of ideas.
  • Gather supplies:
    • Any combination of herbs of inspiration and creativity – mints and citrus are good choices
    • Burning bowl or cauldron
    • Charcoal Tabs
    • Paper
    • Pencil with an eraser
    • Pen

Ritual- Full Version

  • Light the charcoal tab in your burning vessel and while it heats, draw a box in the middle of the paper.  Inside, place your name, a stick figure, or other representation of yourself.  Around the outer edge of the box, write the things that are keeping you from your creative goals (e.g., “stress”, “lack of time”, etc.).
  • After you’ve finished, drop some incense on the charcoal.  As it burns, erase the words that hold you back, one at a time.  As you erase them, envision the barriers disappearing.  When all of the words are gone, slowly erase the box itself, leaving only your personal representation.
  • Drop a bit more incense on the charcoal and as it burns, use the pen to trace over your name and then begin writing words in a spiral pattern that flows out from the end of your name and surrounds it.  These words should all have positive connotations and be related to your creative process. Include also ideas and words that you hope will apply to the finished work. For example, a spiral for someone writing a novel might include terms like “words, plot, character, ink, chapters, revisions, editing, rave reviews, NY Time’s Best Seller, book signings, etc”.   As you create the spiral, fill it with hope and positive energy.
  • Pass the paper through the incense smoke and hang it in your creative work space as a reminder of your goals.

Modifications and Notes

I haven’t included warding or demarcation of ritual space with this one, as I don’t find it necessary for this particular working.  These can be added if you prefer, as can offerings or petitions to deity.  For me, I actually prefer this one to be free of any other entities, partially due to the very intense amount of deity interaction that accompanies my April ritual.


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