I’m in the process of a major housecleaning, both in terms of my physical space and my digital ramblings.  In trying to clear some of the digital clutter, I realized that I still have a lot of password protected pages on this blog that either need to be shared or cleared out.

Here’s one for sharing that’s appropriate to the subject of cleaning. I think I might have been feeling a little snarky the day I wrote it. 


Sage-Free Smudge

Both white sage and common sage are incredibly popular for smudges.  I know I am not the only person who absolutely loathes the smell of burning sage.  Smoldering white sage, in particular, makes me want to throw up on my pointy-toed shoes.  Given the option of facing something from the Dungeon Dimensions* or burning white sage indoors, I’ll take my chances with whatever is crawling up from the Dungeon Dimensions. For that reason, I’ve worked out an alternative to sage smudges that doesn’t smell, IMHO, like cat piss.

Blend and burn** these three ingredients together to create a cleansed, calm, and positively charged space:

  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Dragonsblood resin

The herbs can be process as much or as little as you wish.  Since I usually buy both cinnamon and dragonsblood in powdered form, I tend to grind up the lavender fairly fine.


*On the off-chance that a new witchling (or anyone else unfamiliar with the works of Pratchett) finds their way to this page, ‘Dungeon Dimensions‘ is a reference to a fictional place.  There is no such thing, so don’t go out to some forum and start pestering people more learned than you about their experiences with the Dungeon Dimensions. You’ll look like a prat. Save yourself… and the rest of us… the embarrassment. Thus concludes my good deed for the day century.  
**As common sense isn’t always common practice: Please burn outdoors or in a very-well ventilated area in an appropriate fire/heat-proof vessel with a fire extinguisher handy.  Also, this blend is not meant for ingestion of any sort, so don’t inhale, smoke, or eat this stuff.  

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