Life in Absentia

I just looked at the date of my last post and gave a little sigh.  Eleven weeks since last I posted here, yet I’d hardly paid attention to the lapse and only realized it when someone finally asked where I’ve been.  I’ve been living mostly in absentia, which unfortunately is not some underdeveloped up-and-coming corner of eastern Europe.  Life has been getting accomplished but without my being present for it in any meaningful way.   I’m in the process of re-grounding myself in my own skin and becoming more actively engaged in my life again but it’s been a slow process.

I cannot recall if I mentioned here that I’d decided to seek counseling in the aftermath of Sam’s hospitalization.  After a couple of false starts with counselors who weren’t the right fit,  I found someone who has actually helped beyond my wildest imaginings.  In our second session, he suggested that there might actually be something other than wonky brain chemistry causing the dysthymia, the constant fatigue, the night time panic attacks and anxiety, the memory issues, anemia, etc.  It’s taken a few weeks to get a diagnosis but it turns out he was right.  The bad news:  a sleep disorder that’s potentially life threatening and that has likely gone undiagnosed most of my adult life.  The good news:  The condition is easily treated and I’m becoming a functional human being again.

I want to catch up on the ritual calendar posts for April through June (and very shortly July), but those will wait until another day.  Same with catching up on all the random spiritual things that have cropped up over the last few weeks.  I will be making an effort to post more than once a season, in any case, and will do my best not to let months elapse in silence.




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