Odds and Ends

I’m running a bit behind with everything at the moment, so just a few brief tidbits until I can catch up properly.

March’s ritual will hopefully be posted this week.  I’ve written a rough draft of it, but haven’t managed to polish it up yet.  April’s ritual is a work in progress. I’m not sure that it will be meaningful for most, as it pertains to specifically to the threshold work that I do, but it too will be posted soon (well, by the end of April).

Loki is still making his presence felt. I want to reflect a bit more on what’s been happening on that front before I write more about it.  Also, I don’t think that he’s quite through stirring the pot yet and I’d really like to know where he’s going with this before I either praise or curse him for it.

I’ve been feeling a bit of disconnect from my Lady as of  late, so I outright asked what She wanted of/from me right now.  The answer came in a dream.  Funnily, it was very specific – that She wanted the large ‘red and gold’ statue put on some shelves that I’d just put up, along with a canopic jar to keep the names of those who had died during the year.  I own neither a red and gold statue of Herself nor a canopic jar… or at least didn’t at the time.  I was in an antique store later that week and found both a large statue of the lady trimmed in red and gold along with a miniature canopic jar.  Needless to say, they both came home with me and a set of wall shelves have now become a floating altar.  I do like it when the gods are clear and precise in what they expect.

As for some of the sore spots mentioned in previous posts, things are still fairly raw right now.  Sam is recovering – slowly and painfully- but fully in the land of the living again.  I am just beginning to process this train-wreck of events in a meaningful way, but find that even on the nights that I can pry my thoughts away from the situation, I am not sleeping well and waking up dozens of times,  feeling panicked and choked.  Daylight hours are more manageable at least, although I’m pretty fatigued most of the time.  Recovery will take time, I know, for all involved.   In the meantime, we all are muddling through the best that we can.

That’s enough for now, as I’m stifling yawns even as I type. More details on everything later… after a few nights of uninterrupted sleep.




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