Solstice Reflections – Making It Work

Belated solstice blessings to those who celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Some of the lovely folks over at The Cauldron celebrated the holiday with the annual Up All Night: A Technopagan Winter Solstice celebrations. Those with far more energy and better capacity to go without sleep than I possess stayed up until dawn to celebrate the longest night of the year (with support from Southern Hemisphere friends celebrating the beginning of summer).

I’m a little bit envious  of those with the stamina and ability to stay awake through the long night. As much as I love the idea of staying up for the longest night of the year, I’ve learned over the years to temper my enthusiasm  with the knowledge that doing so will wreak havoc on my sleep patterns, already badly skewed by dysthymia and seasonal stress.

Each of us has unique challenges in how we celebrate our paths.  For me, the challenge is one of balancing the work that I must do with the health issues that might be aggravated by that work.  This time of year throws up some obstacles that require me to scale back on my celebrations and ritual work – the cocktail of dysthymia, holiday stress, and lack of sunlight have the potential to be disastrous for me.  This means being vigilant about prioritizing everything that I do and being aware when my ability to handle things wanes. Staying up all night was out of the question. So I did a little ritual, stayed up a bit later than usual, and acknowledged the changing season to the best of my capabilities.   Next year, perhaps there will be more, perhaps less, but there will be, at the least, an acknowledgement of the turning of the season.


One thought on “Solstice Reflections – Making It Work

  1. Léithin Cluan 22 December 2013 / 4:30 pm

    It’s definitely not something I could do often. Last year I made it to about 2am, which is way past my limit – I’m usually asleep by 10pm for health reasons. And it’s definitely not good for my health – I’m in pain and have a migraine today. I probably shouldn’t so these things to my body. But sometimes I just need to let loose and deal with the consequences later, you know? It helps that I don’t have to work between now and 27th Dec. I can totally relate to needing to look after yourself – but I think everyone deals with chronic illness and it’s restrictions differently. I hope you had a good solstice evening!

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