I Aten’t Ded

I’ve just been having a lot of out-of-blog experiences that have been keeping me otherwise occupied.  Summer has always been somewhat frenetic period and this year is no exception.  The pattern of activity is so different that I’m still giggling in delight every time I think about it.  Thanks to some much-needed changes, this is the first summer in recent memory that won’t require me to work 75 – 100 hours per week.   This has created a weird void space in my summer that I once heard someone reverently refer to in hushed tones as “free time”.

It’s amazing how quickly human beings can adapt to change.  You’d think that suddenly having gaping voids in my summertime schedule might throw me off kilter and that I might struggle to find things to fill my time.   After all, change is difficult and taxing, isn’t it?  Fearing the stress of an open schedule might overwhelm me, I started filling it with little things – time at the pool, hikes, picnics, gardening, stargazing.  It’s been brutal, spending all this time outside, in the open air when I could be spending 12 hours a day, 7 days a week inside, working at a desk with not even a hint of sunshine.  And I’ve found some interesting side effects…  the most notable of which is that my skin is turning this odd brown color that seems to get a little darker every time I do go out in the sun.  Good thing I’m no longer in the goth scene or I’d have to hang my head in shame for my lack of paleness.

So, no, I aten’t ded… but I am tan and grinning a lot.

(Never fear, I will try to get some actual substantial posts up this summer.  Another side effect of actually having a bit of  free time is that I can think about things in a way other than “OMGs, I don’t have time for epiphanies right now, thank you very much.”).


One thought on “I Aten’t Ded

  1. okarnill 25 September 2013 / 1:26 pm

    priceless! So glad you got some ‘me time’ though, I feel a kinship when I read this – I’ve heard of free time but so far it has eluded me.

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