Overlaps and Intersections

One of my favorite things about reading the blogs of other people are those serendipitous moments when you’re reading someone’s words and have that “Eureka! That’s what I’ve been trying to say” experiences.  After yesterday’s Hiatus post, I wandered out to peruse recent posts from other PBP participants and came across Philomela’s post “Joining the Dots: Bringing Myself to the Blog“.    Her point about talking about how her path is affected by and affects other area of hir life really hit home for me.  This is one of those things that I feel like I’ve been missing with my focus almost exclusively on the PBP posts.

English: Four ellipses with all 15 possible in...
This doesn’t even begin to describe it. Maybe if we create this in 4-D?
(Credit: Wikipedia)

Within my path and my life, there is so much overlap and intersection of different, seemingly disparate aspects that I’d need the world’s most complicated Venn diagram to explain it all.  It goes beyond simple overlap into cause-and-effect situations and then all just starts folding over in on itself.  In other words, it’s all one big ball of interconnected mess with me at its center.  I suspect that this is true for a lot of other people as well.

One of my goals as  I move forward with this blog is to do a much better job of incorporating those places of overlap and intersection into my posts.  I realize more and more that my own spirituality is not a stand-alone experience, but something that sends ripples into other aspects of my life, just as it is affected by the waves created by mundane experiences.   We’ll see how well I’m able to actually incorporate more of those points of overlap and intersection into this blog.  Fingers crossed!


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