The Easter Eagle (PBP Week 10)

Well, I’d been planning to write a post about spending Easter with my family and how, in spite of being on a very different religious path, I still like getting together for these celebrations.  Then something unusual swooped out of the sky and made me forget, at least momentarily, everything else that I’d planned for the day.

I do mean literally swooped out of the sky, flying just above my car as I navigated a mountain road on the way to Easter lunch.  It made me pause because of its size… simply the biggest bird of  prey I’ve ever spotted in this area.  When it banked, I caught a glimpse of a white fan of tail feathers and realized that what I was seeing was a bald eagle.  This was followed by me hitting the brakes, running off onto the shoulder of the road, and turning my neck at nearly impossible angles trying to get  another look.  What followed was several minutes of cussing that I hadn’t brought my camera along.  Never mind not getting family photos… I’d missed the opportunity to get a picture of a bald eagle ( or as I was calling it at the moment ‘the effing glorious raptor”).

Haliaeetus leucocephalus (bald eagle) landing ...
Not my photo, but what a great visual. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, I realize that someone is going “Yeah, so?  And?”  Alright, I’ll grant that there are people out there who weren’t in my fourth grade class listening as my teacher, Miss M—–, sadly described how these birds were on the verge of extinction and that it was unlikely that any of us in the class would ever have a chance to see the birds outside of captivity.   At the time, there were less than 1000 known breeding pairs in the lower 48 states.  It may be a symbol of the United States, but it was one that nearly went the way of the dinosaur. As someone who mourned the potential loss of a species as a kid, seeing the real thing soaring overhead was just pretty damn amazing.  It had only taken mumble-something decades for me to see one for the first time.  Miss M—–, you were wrong all those years ago…. and I’m so glad you were.

I’m sure that if I try, I can find some spiritual significance to the sighting, that there is something important in the symbolism of the eagle that I need to focus on, some aspect of the eagle totem that might be noteworthy.  For now, though, I’m just going to be content with the utter joy of sighting such a beautiful creature.  Forget Easter Bunny, I saw the Easter Eagle. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Easter Eagle (PBP Week 10)

  1. Agathi 31 March 2013 / 8:14 pm

    I heard that same speech in my 4th grade class. Wonderful that you got to see one!

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