Caffeinated Conundrum (PBP Week 5)

There’s a good reason why I don’t consume caffeinated beverages after a certain point in the afternoon.  If I do partake late in the day,  I find myself wide awake at very odd hours of the morning contemplating chicken-and-egg kinds of questions.

Since I downed a cup of coffee with last night’s dinner, I had just such a mental debate f at an hour when I should have been sound asleep.  The question that I ended up chewing on was this – are the gods created by our belief or are our beliefs created by the gods?  In other words, do the gods exist independently of our belief in them?  Do they live and possibly die regardless of human faith in their existence? Or is it possible that the gods exist only because we have manifested them?  In which case, how much belief is necessary to create a god – is it quantity or quality of belief that matters? Is belief required to sustain them once created and  do they die off if belief ceases?

I’ve come to the following conclusions after an hour of mulling over the subject:  1).  There are some things that are, for mere humans, unknowable.  I think this might be one of them.  2).  If belief/worship can create deity, then I may be solely responsible for the Goddess of Curry.  A good curry dish is, IMHO, worthy of veneration and praise.  3).  I should not consume coffee with dinner under any circumstances, because I don’t get enough sleep and end up composing strange little blog posts about belief, deity, and really good curries.


One thought on “Caffeinated Conundrum (PBP Week 5)

  1. Hare 9 February 2013 / 7:22 pm

    If you haven’t read it already, Terry Pratchett’s ‘Small Gods’ deals with this very concept. Highly recommended.

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