Breathe, Just Breathe (PBP Week 4)


I’ve started breathing again.

I never stopped respiring (obviously!), but breathing- serious breathing with focus and  intentionality- had fallen off my radar a while ago.  Aside from the rare moments of asthmatic crisis, I had stopped thinking about breathing altogether. I slipped out of the habit of doing regular yoga and meditation practices, both of which require quite a bit of focus on the breath.  I let myself forget a wonderful prayer technique that involves silent prayers timed with inhalations and exhalations.  Chanting, singing, and intonations  all went the way of the dinosaur.   At some point, I just started taking breathing for granted and stopped treating it as an important aspect of my well-being.

No big deal, right?  Respiration is still happening, so I’m in no immediate danger of perishing from asphyxiation.  Yet, there is something missing, some basic connection that I’ve been failing to make.  Whatever could it be?

Oh wait, I remember what that connection is… it’s the one that brings together mind, body, and soul into singular focus.  It’s the one that calms, grounds and centers me almost instantaneously.  It’s the one that allows me to cope with stress in a way that doesn’t jeopardize my overall well-being.  The connection is one that I sorely missed without quite realizing what it was I had lost.  Finding it again was like coming home again, finding again a beloved place that I thought no longer existed.

So, here I am, finally breathing again.


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