PBP Week 51 – The Zombie Apocalypse

I’m posting this week’s PBP a bit late… just wanted to make sure that we were all going to survive the Mayan Apocalypse. Not.

I think that what the Mayans actually predicted was that on the morning of December 22, 2012, a whole lot of gullible and willfully uneducated people were going to wake up in spite of  their conviction that the world had ended in a big ball of fire the day before.  Well shit… what do you do when you wake up and find that the universe didn’t cooperate with your delusions?

In case that was too subtle, you should probably know that I’m feeling  a bit sarcastic right now.  The people predicting the Mayan apocalypse were wrong, but I think we’re in real danger of facing a zombie apocalypse.  No, I don’t mean the flesh-eating, rotted-corpse-risen-from-the-dead kind of zombie.  I referring to the living, breathing sacks of flesh who buy into absolutely unfounded ideas without any attempt to reconcile those beliefs to fact or reality.  I realize that reality can be quite fluid, particularly within the pagan purview, but it’s only going to flow so far before it comes rushing back at you in a tidal wave.  Reality is never so fluid that you can simply make things up and insert them into the fabric of the universe.  So, for all those who were expecting the world to end:  good morning, welcome to your new reality. Perhaps you’ll use some of this unexpected gift of more time to hone  your critical thinking abilities.







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