PBP Week 50 – Youth Lost

This is not the post I had intended to write when I sat down yesterday.  The post that I’d already composed in my head was about Yule and the longest night of the year.  There are other things that need to be said in the wake of yesterday’s events in Connecticut.

To the ferrymen…
Ease the journey of those who have fallen,
shepherd gently the souls of the innocent,
help them cross to a place of peace.
To the comforters…
Ease the pain of those left behind,
hold them closely in your arms,
help them to see the life still left.
To the fighters…
Choose carefully your battles,
know that you will not always win,
make the progress that you can.
To all…
Mourn and grieve as you need,
and when your tears have dried,
take a stand and vow “Never again.”

This world will never be without violence or pain, but the kind of horrific scenes that unfolded yesterday do not need to be a part of anyone’s experience.  Do what you can, wherever you are, with the tools you have to prevent another child being lost to violence. Advocate for the solutions that you believe will stop this kind of mindless violence against children.  We may not agree on the best solutions or how to achieve them, but until we begin to talk earnestly and honestly about the issue, there can be no hope of ending this nightmare.

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