PBP Week 40 – This I Believe

This I believe…

I believe that within each of us there is a divine spark.  It is the right of every person to embrace, deny, or ignore that divinity within.  For those of us who chose to embrace that divinity within, it is our right of us to choose for ourselves the path that is appropriate for us.

I believe that all paths to the divine are valid and sacred. No one person or religion has The Correct Answer (TM), but each of us has one small piece of the puzzle within ourselves.  Our knowledge is but a grain of sand on a beach of universal proportions.  We are not able to take in the entire landscape of divinity nor should we try.  The best we can do is to take that small piece we are given and nurture the divine within us.

I believe that pursuing the divinity within ourselves does not give us the right to denigrate or disparage the beliefs of others.  Under no circumstances does our own divinity give us the right to molest, torture, abuse, or murder others in the name of our beliefs.  Nor does embracing our divinity debase any of us in such a way that we should be subjected to such treatment.

Embracing the divine and scared within ourselves requires that we recognize the same with in others.  This I believe.

(This post is inspired by the organization This I Believe, which I first heard about on NPR. Go, check it out!)


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