PBP Week 37 (Belated) – Star Stuff

It’s all Carl Sagan’s fault.

Without him, I wouldn’t be typing these words now.  This blog would never have come to be. If it weren’t for him, I would probably have remained an adherent to my birth religion.  That’s right, it’s Carl Sagan’s fault that I began wandering down the path that eventually led me to where I am now… a nature-revering pagan who sees all things in this universe as interconnected.

Alright, maybe there were some other factors and people that led me to this place, but in the autumn of 1980, an amazing television series aired on PBS called “Cosmos”.  The show’s host and narrator was an astrophysicist named Carl Sagan who introduced me to the concept of  star stuff, a  mind-blowing thought when you’re eight years old and trying to suss out your place in the world.

Not only did I suddenly find that I was somehow connected with those stars upon which I’d made so many wishes, I was actually made of the same stuff they were… and metaphorically speaking, the light of those stars is the same light that shines within me.   There is something so beautiful and precious in that knowledge that I actually cried (and still sometimes do*) when I looked again at the night sky with an awareness of that connection.

…and it’s all Carl Sagan’s fault.

*Proving that I am still that self-same emotional geek that I was at the age of eight.  Somethings in this life really don’t change.

2 thoughts on “PBP Week 37 (Belated) – Star Stuff

  1. waldhexe 28 October 2012 / 6:33 am

    for me it was reading somewhere that no energy is lost in the universe just transformed into something else

  2. odeliaivy 22 September 2012 / 8:34 pm

    Carl Sagan. Rocking the black turtleneck way before Jobs. I also had my mind blown by him as a youngster.

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