PBP Week 36 (Belated) – Religious Tolerance

“I was gonna post something that would tell you the difference between Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims but I realized that you don’t need to know anything about somebody’s religion to know that you shouldn’t shoot them” – Eric Parsons.

See, religious tolerance isn’t so hard to grasp, now is it?  It is simply respecting the right of another person to follow the religious path of their choosing – without degradation, without threats, without violence, without persecution, and most definitely, without being murdered for one’s beliefs.

I’m a believer in religious tolerance, in case it wasn’t readily apparent.  I have to say that one of my biggest Pagan Pet Peeves(TM) are those folks within the pagan community who assume that I am anti-Christian (or anti-Jewish or anti-organized religions) just because I have chosen a pagan path.  We’ve all run across these individuals who insist on bashing other religions, particularly Christianity.  I find it particularly annoying when these same folks begin to rant about pagans being persecuted.  Religious tolerance runs all directions.  One cannot demand respect for  one’s beliefs while denying the rights of someone else to believe what they wish.  If you expect tolerance, you better begin by practicing it yourself.


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