PBP Week 34 – Quality Vs. Quantity

I’m still playing catch up with the weekly Pagan Blog Project posts, so bear with me while I ponder the letter Q for a bit.  Hmm… I think maybe I can find enough to say to fill a (short) blog post.

First, an observation from many years of being around other seekers:  No matter what path you find yourself skipping down, you’ll inevitably run into one of them. Oh the ubiquitous them, the over-enthusiasts who see a god in every shadow, divine intervention or interference at every turn, an omen with every passing moment.  If they’re to be believed, the focus and attention of entire pantheons are upon them and their every action is controlled by some god or another.  It almost seems to be a source of pride for some people, these claims about the hands of multiple gods in their lives… or even of a single god who is constantly influenced and/or controlling their every action.

I can’t speak to the validity of those kinds of claims.  Maybe some people are that god-bothered or are truly living under the thumb of multiple gods.  What I can address is this: If it were me in their shoes, I be pretty bloody frightened, knowing that the gods were taking that much of an interest in the comings and goings of a single mortal.  Particularly if those comings and goings were of the everyday, garden variety.  Particularly if what the gods wanted for me was exactly what I wanted for myself, no strings attached.  I like to think that I have enough sense to be concerned when someone/thing far, far more powerful and potentially deadlier than myself begins to show undue interest in the life of this puny little mortal.

I know that some people crave this direct and  constant attention from deity, but I tend to favor quality over quantity in these kinds of things.  Unless there is a really compelling reason for it, I don’t want my gods to be interested in the mundane comings and goings of my life.  I really don’t need them to be a part of the process if I deciding what color to paint my toenails or which kind of coffee to order.  I can usually manage to get through my daily routine without the need for divine intervention.  I might stumble and falter at times, but I can usually get through my day with a minimum number of bruises, scrapes, and sighs.

I want my deities to take an interest in me when it truly matters… when I’m neck deep in freezing water and close to being swept under, when I am so shattered that I cannot find it within myself to pull the pieces back together,  when a house falls on my sister and some little upstart steals her shoes, etc.  Until those moments, I am so very content to have communication be one-sided and to know that they are simply there, even when their eyes and attention are not on me.

Not surprisingly, my interactions with deity have happened at those times when it really did matter – life-altering moments when my future or someone else’s depended on the moment turning in a particular direction.  I’m incredibly grateful for those moments of contact and equally grateful for all the other moments when they have chosen silence instead.



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