PBP Week 32 – Phoenix (Very Belated!)

While I adore tales of mythological creatures, I usually don’t find them to be useful in the context of my spiritual path.  However, to every rule, there always seems to be an exception.  In this instance, that exception is the phoenix, the wonderful bird of myth that rises reborn from its own ashes.  Out of all of the creatures of myth, this is the one that is dearest to my heart and the only one that seems to somehow fit into who I am spiritually.

My life, both mundane and spiritual, has been a series of rebirths, of changes, and of risings up from difficulty.  Such is the stuff of our lives… to ascend and then fall back again.  The phoenix serves as a reminder that no matter how far our descent takes us, we can rise again.  It is the understanding that we all eventually fall, but have the capacity to come back revitalized and with renewed spirit.  The phoenix  is the stuff of  hope, resolve, and perseverance.  Those things are worth striving for, worth rising for.


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