PBP Week 22 – Know Thyself & Thy Secrets

Just a quick post tonight just to elaborate slightly on the last PBP post.  I marked a couple of items on my own list as “Private”, because, well, they aren’t anything that I need or want to broadcast to the entire world.

So what do these private matters have to do with My Life as a PaganTM? Well, everything. I don’t separate my spiritual identity from the other parts of myself and I walk this path 24/7/365.  Anything that has a large impact on my life is going to affect my spiritual self as well. Our whole selves – the good, the bad, the ugly – all of these things factor into who we are and affect our relationship to the divine.  I think that it’s something that we, as humans, are prone to forget… that our secrets, private thoughts, hidden aspects, and shadow selves shape us as much as those things that we share with the world. For me, one of the greatest outcomes of being a spiritual seeker is to face our secret selves head on and to learn from the experience. Just my two cents for the evening… as always, YMMV.


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