PBP Week 8 – Diversity, Division, and a Devotional

In light of the controversy at this year’s Pantheacon, I set out to write a post about diversity and defining ourselves.  I’d intended to talk about how embracing and encouraging diversity can promote spiritual growth.  Furthermore, there was a discussion to be had about who has the right to define who we are – spiritually, socially, sexually, gender-wise, and otherwise.  I think it would have been an interesting, albeit long-winded, post that would require at least one soap box and an intermission to put out the fires of illumination caused by the flamethrower.*

When I sat down to write however, I found that there were no words forthcoming.  As sometimes happens when grappling with a difficult issue, some part of my brain decided that it would strike out on its own, seize control of my hand, and put down in words what I most needed to say, what was in my heart at that moment.  So instead of a diatribe about diversity and definitions, this is my post for this week, a mediation/prayer from my pen.

This I ask of you…
Help me to be a beacon,
to illuminate the world
with hope and acceptance
in this time of gathering darkness.
Allow us to come together
with open minds and hearts
that we might someday thrive
in a world without hate and fear.
Enable us to clearly see,
to recognize our own prejudice
with the same clarity and acumen
that we see the prejudice of others.
Let us find within ourselves
the courage and determination
to resolve our conflicts
with respect for all sides.
Enable us to recognize,
above all of these things,
the unique beauty of each individual
and the shared spark of divinity within.

And that’s about all I have the energy for this week.  Be well, all.

*Some of you may have noticed that there are occasionally veiled (and outright) references to certain authors.  This is yet another one of those. More on it later, I think, to be filed under F for Flamethrower.


2 thoughts on “PBP Week 8 – Diversity, Division, and a Devotional

  1. harzgeist 25 February 2012 / 2:52 pm


    • Aisling 25 February 2012 / 3:23 pm

      Thank you!

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