PBP Week 4 (Belated) – Betwixt & Between Blessing

This is my last hurry-and-catch-up post for  Pagan Blog Project.  With any luck, I’ll be able to start the regular Friday posts at the end of this week.  Thanks all, for being patient with my hastily composed ramblings (not that I anticipate being less rambling in future compositions).


I’d set out to write about balance but haven’t been able to quite express what I wanted to say about it.   Perhaps it’s the fact that I have a raging cold and am physically off-balance right now.   In any case, I’ll save that post for a later day, when I can reasonably express myself.

As an alternative, I’m jumping into Peabody’s Wayback Machine to retrieve something for this post, an almost twenty-year-old something that  I wrote at the behest of my then mentor.  At the time, I was having quiet a bit of anxiety about intentionally crossing thresholds as part of my spiritual work.  Instead of giving me a reassuring pat on the back and a soothing “you’re okay”, his response was to tell me that if I wanted to seriously pursue the work, I better damn well find a way to calm down and put myself into the right frame of mind.

Tough love works fairly well on me, so I tried several things to calm myself and to lessen the anxiety.  In the end and very much on the spot, I scribbled the blessing below and tried it as a way to soothe my nerves.  While it’s not exactly prize-winning literature, it’s resisted all attempts at revision over the years.  I still use it when I need a bit of reassurance about journeying into the mists.  Perhaps someone else may find it useful as well.

“Bless this mind that I may perceive beyond the surface
and open it to the wisdom that lies beneath.
Bless these eyes that I may see below the surface
and open them to the visions that lie beneath.
Bless these feet that I may journey to the beyond
and guide them to the roads that lie beneath.
Bless these hands that I many reach to the other side
and guide them to the work that lies beneath.
Bless this soul that I may cross the threshold
and guide it safely back from that which lies beneath.”


One thought on “PBP Week 4 (Belated) – Betwixt & Between Blessing

  1. Tana 31 January 2012 / 12:14 pm

    I really like your blessing.
    It has something to it. I understand that it didn’t liked to be rewritten. 😉

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