PBP Week 2 (Belated) – An Altared Amphibian

An Altared Amphibian?

Delving into the realm of the unknown sometimes exposes us to things that defy all logical and rational explanations.  The presence of a little rubber tree frog on my altar is perhaps the deepest esoteric mystery I’ve come across in the last two decades.  Forget all the other strange and unusual stuff that’s happened over the years.  This damn frog takes top prize for things that have made me stop and stare in dumbfounded wonderment.

This little beast suddenly appeared on my altar about a decade ago.  At that time, my altar was a glass shelf placed high on my bedroom wall.  No one has admitted to placing it there, but it’s easily enough explained in a mundane way.  Someone put it there as either a prank or as a gift. Of this, I feel somewhat certain.

The mystery comes in when I ponder why it’s still on my altar.  A month or so after it showed up, I revamped my altar and pitched the little frog into the trash.  A few weeks later, it was back on my altar again.  It was throw away a second time… and reappeared again.  It was tossed just before an out-of-state move and yet somehow found its way into one of the moving boxes.

Three moves and several years later, that bloody frog still sits on my altar in spite of  my lack of affinity for amphibians and all attempts to be rid of it.  I imagine that it will still be sitting there in another ten years.



2 thoughts on “PBP Week 2 (Belated) – An Altared Amphibian

  1. Aisling 29 January 2012 / 8:44 pm

    Thanks Aubs!

  2. Aubs Tea 29 January 2012 / 1:45 pm

    That’s an awesome tale.

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