Path Forging – Expected Actions

The previous Path Forging post posed the question of what taboos and restrictions our paths place upon us.   While there may be things that we aren’t supposed to do, many paths also require that we do certain things or take certain actions.  These may be small gestures or lifelong commitments.

  • Are there certain actions that must be performed within your path?
  • What form do these actions take?  Gifts of offerings? The maintenance of a shrine or altar?  Regular ritualized worship? Formal declarations of one’s path?  Something else entirely?
  • What is the purpose of these actions?  What is the reason that they are required and not simply optional?
  • Are these actions to be repeated regularly or isolated events?
  • Who determines what actions are required on your path?  Is it dictated by religious writings, a religious authority, or a deity?
  • What happens if the required actions are not taken? Is there any form of retribution? If so, whose job is it to enforce this retribution?

As in the past, I still maintain a solitary practice.  Regular worship or offerings to my deities, while appreciated, have never been a set in stone requirement.  They will on occasion demand that I take some form of action and in most instances, my cooperation is negotiable.  When it’s not, the deity making the demand usually will make the consequences of non-compliance very clear. Beyond these isolated instances, any actions that I take along my path tend to be dictated by my own needs at the time.


One thought on “Path Forging – Expected Actions

  1. Tana 6 February 2011 / 11:21 am

    For me it is difficult to think about what I do as a structured path, because – well to put it in a nutshell – it is not one.

    Sometimes I think it would be easier, if it was filled with instructions and rules and things to do.

    OTOH I am not Miss Self-Discipline and I wouldnt be able to live up to such a standard.

    Another difficult question to answer is the: What does your path require?

    It does not require anything that would be set in stone.
    I feel that it points to healing and beauty, but this is because of the balance thing. The world is a cruel place and needs both to balance things out.

    The main question I need to answer first is, do I want and do I need so much structure? *shrugs*
    Still in the process to find an answer to this one.

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