An Unprettier Year

New year - which direction?
Image by randihausken via Flickr

About this time last year,  I was bemoaning the fact that 2009 had been an ‘unpretty’ year.  Leave it to the universe to interpret this as a request to make 2010 even ‘unprettier’.

I don’t have many kinds words for 2010.  It was a year of things gone wrong – battles with cancer for two people I know, struggles to maintain ‘unshakable’ relationships, economic woes for all, a reopening of old personal wounds, and the ugly end of a project that had once been a passion for me.  Overall, it was a disheartening twelve months.

What was the lesson of 2010?  I’m not sure.  I’m not sure that I actually care what it was.  I’m glad the year is finished and  hope that the turning of the calendar signals a turning of the tides as well.  I’m holding 2011 to a higher standard – I expect that it will more than make up for the last two years and will bring wonderful things to all.  For me, it looks to be a year of changing directions and refocusing on those things that are most important to me – friends, family, writing, my path.  I’m actually looking forward to the coming year and am feeling optimistic that it will be a positive one.

However your 2010 may have turned out, I hope that 2011 finds you blessed, love, safe, and happy!


4 thoughts on “An Unprettier Year

  1. Sekhemib-Nymaatre

    I would have to say that I felt 2009 was fairly “unpretty” myself. However, I think 2010 was a good middle ground and so far, the only thing I can see ahead is that the path definitely leads “up.”

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