Path Forging – Prohibitions, Taboos, and Restrictions

This subject was touched upon in the Divine Works post, but I wanted to go just slightly more in depth with it.  Nearly every path has some set of prohibitions or taboos in place that aren’t necessary related directly with doing divine work or with the worship of the gods.  It’s worth considering what this prohibitions are and how they might affect our chosen paths.

  • Does your path have any prohibitions, restrictions or taboos? If so, what are they?
  • Are there prohibitions that apply only to a portion of the followers on your path? If so, what are the dividing lines that determine whether or not someone is subject to them?
  • Who determines what these rules are?
  • What is the consequence of violating these restrictions?
  • Who is responsible for enforcing restrictions?
  • Is there some sort of punishment or retribution that occurs when taboos are broken?
  • Is penance or atonement a part of your religious path?  If so, what form does it take?
  • Are some offenses more grave or serious than  others?
  • Are there any offenses that would result in expulsion from your path?

As a solitary eclectic practitioner, I have no religious community to fall back on when it comes to matters of ‘acceptable’ spiritual or religious behavior.  Other than the geas placed on me by my deity, the prohibitions and restrictions of my path are only those that I create for myself.   In the event that I don’t act according to my own rules, it is to myself that I must answer.


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