One More Addition

Pelican Nebula with North America
Image by Skiwalker79 via Flickr

I had a 4am epiphany that I need to add another new category. Ok, it was not so much an epiphany as a smack upside the head to remind me that there’s a reason why I named this blog “In the Grey Mists”.   So much of my own journey has dealt with the spaces in-between and liminal places that it really does need to be its own topic here.

So I’ll be adding another category to the list for posts that are specifically about journeys into those other-worldly places, “Journeys into the Mists”.  This category will be a catch-all for anything that pertains to altered states of consciousness and awareness – meditation, self-hypnosis, shamanic journeying, ‘astral projection’, lucid dreaming, life-death threshold work, etc.  Most, if not all, of these posts will be password-protected with the same password that is used for the Grimoire and Herbal Alchemy categories.


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