Path Forging – Codes of Conduct Addendum

The last Path Forging post looked a bit at the spiritual codes of conduct assigned by our various paths. I realized upon looking back at that post, I missed some key points on that post.  So, here are a few more things to ponder on the question of violating codes of conduct.

  • If conduct violations are punishable in your path, when does retribution occur?  Is it immediate or delayed until a set time?
  • Does punishment for misconduct extend beyond this life?  Is it part of the afterlife? If you embrace the idea of reincarnation, can punishment extend through multiple lifetimes?
  • Is there are a way to “work off” the misconduct – some set of prayers, actions, or other means to put oneself in the good graces of those who enforce the spiritual rules?
  • Can clergy or other members of your path “forgive” instances of rule violations?

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