Path Forging – Codes of Conduct

Established religions often present their followers with a code of conduct in some form or another.  By doing so, they create an ethical frame-work which the practitioner can use to guide her/his own day-to-day behavior.   

  • Does your path have a prescribed code of conduct?
  • If so, which aspects of behavior does the code address?
  • How does this code of conduct relate to the basic tenets of your path?
  • What happens if you violate one of the rules of conduct?
  • Who enforces this code? Is it deity? Clergy? Other practitioners?
  • Are code violations punishable? If so how?
  • Is the code subject to revision or change?  Who can change it?

Codes of conduct can be tricky for eclectic practitioners, myself included.  I strive to live my spirituality, to break down any barriers that I can between my mundane life and my spiritual one.   My religious codes of conduct are no different from those that guide me otherwise.   My deities may take an interest in my misdeeds, but ultimately, it is to my own self that I am accountable.

Be well,


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