Path Forging – Changing Beliefs

The most recent Path Forging post centered on defining core beliefs within our individual paths.  The last question in that particular series had to do with changes to our beliefs.  Since that post, several related questions have come to mind, so perhaps it is worthy of a little deeper consideration.

  • How flexible is your belief system?  Is it set in stone or written in dust?
  • If you find your beliefs challenged, does your path prescribe a course of action to meet those challenges?
  • Is there “wiggle” room within your core spiritual tenets that allows you to modify your ideas as a result of new information or experiences?
  • How do these changes happen in our paths? Are they sudden, cataclysmic events or a slow evolution over time?
  • If you follow an established tradition or path, how much change can occur without requiring a change in that path?
  • What consequences, good or bad, result if your beliefs change?
  • Are changes or challenges to our spiritual paths desirable? Are these events a source of spiritual growth or atrophy?

Following an eclectic spiritual path requires a certain amount of flexibility and adaptability of beliefs.  Experience and time challenge and shape my own beliefs and I will be the first to say that my path looks very different than it appeared five, ten, or twenty years ago.  Always, there is a belief in the Divine and that Divinity expresses itself differently to each individual.  Aside from that basic tenet, my path demands a certain level of change and challenge to remain a vital, living belief.  Spiritual growth, on my own path, requires challenge and opposition to occur.  For me, spiritual atrophy happens when we get too firmly locked into our beliefs, when there is no longer room for new pathways to open.

Be well,


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