On Rediscovering Oneself

On any spiritual path, losing sight of ourselves may happen more frequently than we are comfortably willing to acknowledge.   In finding that perfect ritual or in forging a coherent foundation of beliefs, we may find that all the necessary elements are there, save one… our own investment in that belief or practice.  Alternatively, we may find that we have been trodding down the same path for so long that we no longer feel a personal connection to it.  Life may simply get in the way and leave us feeling severed from our spiritual selves.  What to do when these disconnects occur?  Do we pray, meditate, rededicate ourselves, do nothing, or find some other means for getting through these patches?

I find that as I’ve progress on my path, I’ve become more proactive about avoiding these disconnects.  There are little things that I do on a daily or weekly basis that help keep me in touch with my beliefs.  At least once a year, I stop to check my own spiritual pulse- to see where I’m at, where I am headed, and what needs to be done over the coming months.  

When this contemplation concludes, I create an herbal incense based on the results of this self-check. Ingredients speak to both my spiritual and mundane goals for the coming period.  To these are added my  “signature”,  a blend of herbs that are personally significant.  This incense becomes a part of personal rituals throughout the coming months as a reminder of my path.  When I begin to lose sight of myself, a little of this personal incense is enough to snap things back into focus again. 

It’s a small thing, but the rewards are significant.

Be well,


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