Path Forging – Core Tenets

In forging our respective paths, one of the most fundamental actions that we undertake is to define what we believe.  Without a fundamental understanding of our beliefs, it’s impractical to attempt to create practices, prayers, and rituals.  Describing our path to someone else becomes nearly impossible when we cannot define, even for ourselves, what core tenets of belief we hold dear.

  • What are the core tenets of your spiritual path? 
  • What is the basis or source for these tenets? How did you come to embrace these particular beliefs?
  • Are there guidelines, rules, or laws within your path that govern how you express these beliefs?
  • Are there exceptions or flexibility within these beliefs?
  • What are the consequences of acting in contraction of your beliefs?
  • How are your actions and interactions affected by these beliefs?
  • Have your beliefs changed over time? If not, is there potential for them to change in the future?

While I’ve struggled over the years to define the core beliefs of my own spiritual path,  the primary one has remained unchanged throughout my journey:  I believe in the existence of the Divine and embrace the idea that Divinity expresses itself uniquely to each of us.  Having this particular belief has forced me to keep an open mind when it comes to the experiences of others and to understand that my own experiences and interpretations of Divinity are just that – my own and not a standard by which other can or should experience that Divinity.


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