Path Forging – Honoring Deity

When we make the decision to follow a specific deity or deities, there are many questions to be considered regarding our relationship with them.  One of these questions is if and how we honor deity. Organized paths often have prescribed rituals for honoring deity, but for those forging their own paths, this question must be decided as we travel along our spiritual road. 

  • Is it a requirement of your path to pay honor or homage to your deity?
  • If so, what form does this honoring of the gods take?
  • How often should or do you pay honor?
  • Are there specific days or times set aside for this?
  • What is the significance or reason for paying honor to deity?
  • Are offerings a part of this process? If so, what form do these offerings take?
  • Are there restrictions or taboos that apply to paying homage?

 Along my own path, I find it useful in paying tribute to deity as is appropriate.  I give offerings and prayers of gratitude at the change of season to the deities that I work with regularly.  Offerings are also given at other times throughout the year, as needed.  The reason that I honor deity is to express my thanks for their influence and assistance in my life.


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