Path Forging – Parting Ways with a Deity

Funnily, this wasn’t a subject that I’d included in my original list of possible Path Forging topics, but this has come up in a couple places recently and seems worthy of a little time.

  • What happens when your relationship with a deity is no longer beneficial or helpful?
  • What circumstances would cause you to end a working relationship with a deity?
  • Is it necessary to try to resolve any problems with a deity before ending your relationship?
  • Are there circumstances in which one might briefly work with a deity but then initiate no further contact?
  • What are the consequences of ending a working relationship with a deity on a bad note?

Ending unproductive relationships is a difficult endeavor for many people, myself included. We often will continue to cling to the relationship in hopes of savaging something of value from it. We make promises to ourselves – “I’ll leave if she comes home late again” or “I’ll stay until things settle down” – only to break them or make excuses to remain longer than we’d intended. We want to find something good, something worthwhile, in our relationships with others. Admitting that someone we once cared for is no longer good for us or worth our time can be a very difficult and daunting task. More so when that someone is a deity.


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