Path Forging – Serving Deity

Our conversations about deity continue with this lastest Path Forging post and I’d like to shift the focus to how we may or may not serve the deities which we follow.

  • Does your deity require you to serve them in some manner? If it is not demanded by your god(s), is it a requirement of your path or your own personal desire to serve deity?
  • What forms does service to deity take?
  • If it is not required (either by deity or your path), do you still seek ways to serve your deity?
  • Does serving deity affect your day-to-day life? If so, what impact does it have?
  • Does service to deity take higher priority than other types of service (e.g., to your country, to your community)?
  • If you refuse to serve deity, are there consquences or penalties?
  • Does service bring you closer to deity or help in spiritual development?

I will likely have more to say about my personal outlook on serving deity in the next Path Forging post, but I do serve my patron deity at her bidding and as she wills it so. My service to her takes priority over other forms of service, yet there is rarely a conflict, as it is usually her will that I serve others when my help is needed. This means that, at her bidding, I often find myself serving my community or assisting individuals.

Refusal to serve is an option open to me, but if I do so, it is with the full understanding that she will not sheild me from the consquences of any refusal that I choose to make. We aren’t talking about being cast into some stygian darkness for disobediance. Rather, it is reality that she provides no small amount of protection and guidance to me and will not hesitate to remind me of what it means to stand alone without her blessing. I have, for a period, walked my path without her guidance. For me, this is not some form of hell or divine retribution, just a life made more difficult than it needs to be, an existance without the grace of divinity present.


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