Path Forging – Communicating with Deity

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Path Forging entries are becoming quite focused on Deity. The relationship between human and deity is one that is, I think, both the simplest and most complex one that any of us will ever experience. At its most basic, this relationship is one of belonging… us to our gods and our gods to us. At its most complex, the relationship can be one that is, at least for we humans, difficult to navigate.

As in all relationships, communication is the key to making things work. Communication with deity varies through history and across cultures, yet is a vital part of worship for many. Some questions regarding the subject follow:

  • Do you communicate with deity?
  • What form(s) does that communication take?
  • Is this communication formal and ritualized or more casual?
  • Is regular communication with deity important to your path?
  • Can a person communicate directly with deity or is it necessary to have a mediator such as a religious leader or spiritual guide to facilitate communications?
  • Does deity respond to your communications? What form do these responses take?
  • Who typically initiates communication? You or your deity?
  • What types of information are communicated between you and your deity?

I’ll keep my answer short and simple: yes, I communicate directly and often with multiple deities. That, I think, is enough of answer, as my primary purpose is not to share my experiences, but to spark each person to think about their own experiences and answers.


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