Ah, The Crucial Question

“Will you walk the road to your destiny, or must the Gods drag you to it unwillingly?” ~Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

Life, or to be more precise about it, my life, seems to be a web folded in upon itself. Points that seem to be disparate connect in unexpected places with other seemingly unlinked spots. In this sticky folded mass of interconnectedness, it happens sometimes that a particular idea or notion will stick in several places and it seems that even though I go in a different direction, the same notion will appear again and again. Whether meant to be omens or merely interesting distractions, these things happen more and more frequently as I grow older.

Take the quote from above for example. I stumbled across this particular quote written on slip of paper in a journal. More precisely (and why it gains enough significance to be written here), the journal belonged to Andy and recently came into my possession. The paper on which he’d written these lines was actually my business card. It made me laugh, because being unwillingly dragged by the Gods was how I ended up with Andy back in my life in the first place.

A few days later, I finally decided to read The Mists of Avalon. When I read the now familiar quote in the book, it was hard to know whether to laugh or cry. Life, again my life anyway, is full of these strange co-tangents of seemingly unrelated moments connecting at a single point. Nearer to winter solstice, I had the warning that things were going to change and that I could either embrace those changes or struggle against them. In either case, the warning was clear- the changes would happen whether I willed them or not. So the question becomes the one that Bradley has asked. Do I willingly walk my path or be dragged down it, arriving in the end at the same destination?


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