Path Forging – Defining Deity

While I continue to forge my own path on a daily basis, I’m afraid that writing about it has taken a backseat to some many other aspects of my life. As winter settles down upon my little corner of the universe, I hope to get back on track with these entries.

Here’s another set of questions to ponder as we travel our individual roads:

  • How does one define Deity?
  • Are there qualities or traits that make a being divine?
  • Can deities exhibit so-called negative attributes?
  • What form(s) does Deity take?
  • Are all gods/goddesses one or is each an individual being? Or are various deities part of a greater whole? Can they be both?
  • Does/can Deity have a physical form?
  • Are deities extant/immortal or can they die?
  • Do deities take an interest in the affairs of individuals?

If these questions seem random, that’s because they are. Trying to understand deity is an intimidating and impossible task. Each question that we ask leads to a hundred others. Our answers to the questions shape our spiritual paths, as well as our understanding of the universe.


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