An Election Day Prayer

My normal inclination is to avoid talking politics in my blogs, but on this presidential election night in the United States, politics is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. This election promises to make history regardless of the outcome. Instead of talking about the options available to us or the issues that have already been discussed ad naseum, I share only this prayer:

I pray that every voice be heard, that every vote be counted,
that no one be denied the opportunity to make a choice.
I pray that every candidate be kept safe,
that they be given fair chance to make their stand,
that their hearts and minds be open and clear.
I pray that the election be calm and peaceful,
that all processes are smooth,
that all ballots are fairly counted.
I pray that our new leader be fair and just,
that his eyes will be open to his country’s needs,
that his decisions be compassionate and humane.
I pray that our country will heal itself and its economy,
that it will be a shining example to the rest of the world,
that it will be peaceful and prosperous.
I pray that our planet will be positively impacted,
that it will be a safe place for children,
that there be a better future for all.

Blessed be, my friends, and don’t forget to vote today.


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