Autumn Blessings

It seems that summer has passed us by in the blink of an eye. Autumn has arrived here in the mountains and we’re already anticipating lows in the 40’s. Around me, the world is quickening and every living thing feels as if it is making that final push to do all that must be done before winter arrives. Geese are already passing overhead in their southward journey, plants are blooming again one last time, and animals are preparing for the lean, slow months ahead. My own soul feels the quickening of the season and there seems to be much to get done before Yuletide. The gardens beckon me to complete harvests, plant spring bulbs, and finish all the little tasks still undone. Other chores wait as well – cutting firewood, cleaning the gutters, and soon enough, raking leaves.

Of course, there is other, less mundane work to be done this season. Autumn is a season of thanks-giving… first for the harvest and summer’s abundance, then for the dead who have passed and continue to look over us at Samhain, and finally, for our living family and friends who gather for the holidays. It is a time to become closer to the universe in which we live, both the physical world in which we dwell and the unseen worlds that surround us. In this season of thanks and connections, I want to thank you, dear friends, for spending time here on my blog. May your autumn be blessed.


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