Do You Believe In Magic?

In the course of a conversation about business, someone recently inquired how LunaSea’s Monster Away! Spray (a room spray for banishing Boogie Men)is different than a regular aromatherapy spray. When I explained that we make our spray from herbs traditionally used for banishing and protection and do so only during a waning or new moon, this other-wise sweet lady turned to me and said “Do you really believe in that magic crap?”

Why, yes, I do believe in magic, just not the kind that is portrayed in Harry Potter. As much as I’d love to be able to flick a wand, utter a few words, and turn someone into a weasel, it simply is not possible. 99.9% of what is portrayed as magic in Hollywood is simply fiction and nothing more. I don’t believe in that form of magic any more than I believe that Hans Solo is skipping around the universe with a hairy co-pilot.

The magic that I believe in is a tool for focusing energy and intent. It is a way for me to confirm to myself, the universe, and my deities what it is that I desire, it goes beyond merely wishing or praying for something. Magic puts the power of intent back into the hands of the user. By forcing myself to focus on a goal via a magic spell, I have to take ownership of what it is I am trying to accomplish.

Do I believe that burning a candle or saying a few words accomplishes my intent on its own? Not at all,they are simply aides to focus my energy on the goal and to put myself in the right frame of mind. Because I associate certain herbs, colors, etc., with certain things, it helps me to focus my attention to the matter at hand. Just as I’d pick my clothing to match an occasion, I pick the tools that are most appropriate to the type of spell that I’m doing.

Sometimes, I succeed in achieving my goals, sometimes I don’t. In the end, though, I do believe in the magic of focusing your thoughts and actions to achieve your desires.


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