Answering the Call

Anyone who reads tarot regularly knows the lovely lady shown here. Most often, the High Priestess card is interpreted as a card of hidden knowledge and intuition. It is her job to walk between worlds (heaven and earth, living and dead) and to be the keeper and dispenser of secret knowledge. She sits between pillars of light and darkness, surrounded by symbols of the divine feminine.

For me, this card always takes on a more specific meaning. When she appears in a reading being done for me (whether I read for myself or someone else reads for me), it’s a very strong and clear signal that I am about to be placed in a situation where I have to step into the role of the High Priestess. It is a spiritual call to arms of sorts, a warning that I will need to draw deeply on spiritual energies and so-called supernatural abilities.

Two weeks ago, the High Priestess came up as the card of the day. That night, my dearest friend asked for my assistance in doing a banishing and cleansing at the house of a family member. The family felt that a negative spirit was bothering a small child in the household. A powerful witch in her own right, my friend has done many banishings and cleansings over the years on her own. That she asked for my help spoke volumes about her deep level of concern that she had about the situation as well as the level of trust we have in each other. Dearest friend upset, her family troubled, and a young one traumatized… I said yes to helping before she’d even gotten to the actual asking.
By accident or design, I found myself taking a more active role in this work than I’d originally thought I would. I hear and see spirits more clearly than my friend and was able to confirm her impressions from previous visits and that there was indeed the spirit of an older man who believed that the house was still his. We took a multi-faceted approach to the problem, working to banish this particular spirit from the house and then smudging and warding the home. We hung a protective amulet under the child’s bed where most of the contact had occurred. For the child being bothered, my friend made a “Monster Trap” (a decorated wooden box to capture monsters) and I brewed up my version of Monster-B-Gone spray (which is a potion of non-toxic herbs that are said to repel negative energies and provide protection that’s then scented with a mixture of calming oils).
Finally, we spent time talking to the family matriarch, who was full of well-thought, intelligent questions, most of which were directed toward me. I really hadn’t come prepared for that aspect, but found that the right words came easily. Sharing my own experiences as a child helped, I think, give the family a perspective on their own child’s reactions to things that had been happening in the house. Sometimes, I think that people in this situation just need reassurance that they aren’t imaging things and that someone from the outside can understand and affirm what they’ve felt and seen. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone is believe them.
A week has passed since our afternoon of ghost wrangling and by all accounts, things are calmer and more peaceful in the house. The child in question takes the monster trap to bed each night and hasn’t reported being bothered when he’s trying to sleep. As for me, I’m still recovering from the inevitable energy drain that I always feel after intense workings. Yesterday was the first time I’d felt like reading for myself and lo and behold, the High Priestess was the first card turned over. A friend also read for me yesterday and the High Priestess and the Magician came up together. It looks like I still have some work ahead of me…

One thought on “Answering the Call

  1. Aisling 25 May 2008 / 6:59 pm

    Just an update for those interested: The house still remains peaceful and the child who had been bothered has been doing much better.Thank the gods for that!

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