Random Thoughts – What Do You Send Out?

A friend is not feeling well, so I spent some time this evening doing a little long-distance healing work. As I prepared a candle for her, I found myself thinking of other friends and acquaintances who have been struggling lately with health and other personal issues. One candle became many and I found that I’d spent two hours in a state of prayer, meditation and focused healing.

Shortly after I’d wrapped up my work, an out-of-state friend called to say that he’d suddenly thought of me in the midst of a horrible afternoon and he felt suddenly relaxed and calm. I laughed and told Beau that I’d been thinking of him as well, sending a prayer that he’d find some peace and a resolution to the difficulties he’s been facing. That conversation made me think about the fact that I usually only hear from Beau when I’ve spent time concentrating on him, whether it’s in the form of prayer or simply reminiscing about our long-time friendship. We can go for months without speaking, yet if I stop and wonder what he’s up to, it never fails that he’s on my phone within 48 hours.

I believe that whether we intend to or not, we project onto the world our emotions and energy. A visit to any place where people have been held against their wills can quickly confirm this idea. Places where people spend a great deal of time in pain or agony seem to take on that misery as their own. It permeates the structures and the land itself and can affect those who are sensitive to emotional upheavals.

We can shape our environment with what we project into it. We can each choose what we give to the world. Do we let the stress and unhappiness of our day color the way we treat others? Do we project our negativity and insecurities into the world instead of internally coping with and processing them? Do we give a little of ourselves in the form of love and kindness? Do we send our blessings to the world when we find an abundance in our lives? What do you send out?


One thought on “Random Thoughts – What Do You Send Out?

  1. SuzeesJubileeZ 12 May 2008 / 1:44 am

    I think that it is wonderful to do long distance healings. It is a great gift and one that we can all tap into. Thank you for reminding me of this.

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