Solstice Blessings

The sun will be setting here in another hour, marking the longest night of the year here in the northern hemisphere. The calendar rolls quietly over into a new season and winter will be upon us.

My own celebrations will be quiet and solitary, reflecting on the coming fallow months and the darkness that gathers about us this time of year. The computer, TV, and radio will all be off by sunset and remain so overnight, as will all none essential-technology (exception made for the refrigerator and heat pump). I plan to use the early evening hours to complete a quilt for my bed which I’ve promised to complete before another season passes. After that, it will quiet time spent watching the fire and periodically going outside to watch the stars as they trek across the sky. Prayers and silent contemplation are the order of the evening.

However you choose to mark the turning of the seasons, here’s hoping that the Solstice finds you happy and at peace and the new season brings you love, abundance and blessings. Happy Solstice everyone!


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